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Printable math flash cards provide a way to practice your math facts on the go! These flash cards print single-sided, or if you print the second page on the reverse they will give the answer for the flash card fact from the other side at the top of the card. Each set of flash cards is color coded so you can keep the math operations separated. The multiplication flash cards have extra sets for the times 10 and above facts. There are division flash cards as well, including problems with remainders.

Flash Cards for Math Facts

When timed tests aren't enough, when you've drilled and drilled with worksheet after worksheet, when those math facts just don't stick they way they should, it's time to call in the big guns... Flash cards! Many an afternoon I spent sitting on the couch with my mom, going through the deck of multiplication flash cards, trying to get the facts down for the timed test that was coming the next day at school.

But oh the peril! That couch swallowed cards, and I know that missing card with the 6x7 mulitplication fact dropped between two cushions, and for all I know is still hiding there waiting for whoever ultimately bought that couch from the GoodWill store to find and rejoice that they don't have to memorize that fact again!

Seriously though, flash cards are a great way to learn math facts. Multiplication flash cards are often where people start because multiplication facts are more difficult to reconstruct in your head and they require more memorization, although addition and subtraction flash cards are a great way to move beyond mental problem solving and develop complete mastery of those operations. And, of course, division is a natural fit for flash card practice even if you have the multiplatication facts down cold and can reverse them in your head.

You in addition to the core set of multiplication flash cards and flash cards for all of the other math facts, there are sets of flash cards for some of the more advanced multiplication and vision facts that are useful to memorize once the primary facts are mastered. There is also a set of exponents flash cards with many of the more common exponent facts that are useful to have memorized as students progress through algebra and beyond. These exponents flash cards can be incorporated into your practice with the multiplication flash cards once the concepts of exponents as repeated multiplication are understood.

A good way to check your progress is to use some of the math worksheets below as a check, and then you can practice the flash cards for the problems that are missed. Try out the higher levels of some of the timed tests for each math operation. You can print these flash cards on any paper you want, and also never worry about losing one since you can always reprint them if needed. Now get practicing!