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Hundreds Chart

Every hundreds chart you could imagine! If you're teaching basic counting, number sense, rounding or the basics of arithmetic, you can use a number chart like one of these to speed up building math skills.

How Printable Hundreds Charts Help Teach Number Skills

A hundreds chart can be used many different ways to build number literacy, practice addition and subtraction skills, learn skip counting and more. A hundreds chart is a useful companion to multiplication charts for learning the four arithmetic operations, and you should consider having both of these on hand when you start out teaching basic math facts.

The number charts here come in variations for 100 and 120. While many exercises were often performed with a basic 100s chart, you'll find often that kids fail to make the place value leap once they go over 100, and you'll get bizarre answers to questions like, 'What comes after 100?' including values like 200 or 110 or similar. Practicing with a 120s chart in these situations can help, and any of the exercises you'll perform with a typical hundreds chart will apply with a 120s chart as well.

How do you use a 100s chart?

You can use a hundreds chart to get kids comfortable with adding, subtracting and even multiplying!

For starters, just having kids count and identify the numbers on the chart is a great activity that helps them see and visualize the numbers. As adults we often take for granted that we can say and read a number, but many kids learn how to recite numbers orally without necessarily being able to read and recognize the written numbers.

One way to help establish that the numbers are a continuous sequence is to trim one edge of the number chart and roll it up, twisting it slightly so that the numbers from the previous row flow into the following ones, like this...

Using a Hundreds Chart

Not only is playing with a number tube fun, it shows how the numbers progress continuously and that they're not just arbitrary groups of 10 or rows on the chart.

Another great activity is to use these printable hundred chart window tools...

Hundreds Chart

By understanding how moving up or down a hundreds chart involves adding or subtracting ten, and moving left or right involves adding or subtracting 1, kids can develop a great understand of place value concepts. You can cut out those tools so that they either show only the number in the center, or cut the horizontal and vertical flaps so that the students can pull them back to reveal the related numbers.

Another great hundreds chart activity is to cut up the chart into various odd shapes and let the kids put the chart back together again. It's an interactive way to explore how the numbers on the chart go together and reinforces the visual nature of the chart and how it relates to the pattern of numbers.

Rounding on the Hundreds Chart

The rounding charts are another great way a hundreds chart can be an resource to a sometimes confusing math topic. The rounding charts have a dividing line between the four and the five, and a large pair of arrows at the top that tell which way to round a number. The chart has the 'zeroes' place duplicated in the first and last column to make it clear which number you wind up with, so you can't use these charts in quite the same way as a traditional hundreds chart, but for learning how to round numbers these charts can be a life saver.

Hidden Picture Mystery Puzzles

Finally, and perhaps the most fun, I've built a whole series of puzzles that students can use to get familiar with the hundreds chart. Each puzzle has a hidden picture that is revealed when students find specific numbers on the hundred chart and color them in according to the instructions for each picture.

Hundreds Chart

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