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Multiplication Charts: 59 High Resolution Printable PDFs, 1-10, 1-12, 1-15 and More!

Trying to memorize the multiplication facts? This page contains printable multiplication charts that are perfect as a reference. There are different variations of each multiplication chart with facts from 1-9 (products 1-81), 1-10 (products 1-100), 1-12 (products 1-144) and 1-15 (products 1-255). Each of these multiplication charts is a high resolution SVG, so the multiplication facts print beautifully. Scroll down to see all the chart variations, and check out the clever tips for using multiplication charts at the bottom of the page.

Printable Multiplication Charts

Memorizing the multiplication facts is one of the most important math skills we can teach our kids. Without times table mastery, more advanced math topics are infinitely more challenging. As we're learning multiplication facts, having a complete multiplication chart around can be a bridge to success in all areas of mathematics. Find a chart suitable for your kids current level of fact memorization, print it out and keep it on hand...especially when you are just starting multi-digit multiplication.

You can use a multiplication chart to illustrate how skip counting can be used as a strategy for learning the multiplication facts, or try printing one of the black and white multiplication chart PDFs and have kids color each product a different color. This can help build awareness of how a product like 24 can be made from various multiplication facts like 4x6, 6x4, 3x8, 8x3 and 2x12. A multiplication chart can also be a useful tool when learning the division facts. By finding the dividend in the body of the chart, kids can trace back to the margins to determine divisors and quotients for whole numbers.

In addition to these multiplication printables, you can find Multiplication Worksheets here, including Multiplication Grids where students fill in the missing multiplication products.

These multiplication charts are a great reference, but also be sure to check out the Multiplication Table page, which includes more great practice for students just getting started with their multiplication skills!

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