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Adding and Subtracting Missing Operation Worksheets

These missing operator worksheets for addition and subtraction are great for helping students learn fact families and for differentiating between addition and subtraction. They are a great supporting resources when addition and subtraction facts are introduced in 1st grade, 2nd grade or 3rd grade.

Mixed Addition and Subtraction Worksheets With Missing Operations

Addition and subtraction math facts can be a challenge to learn (or teach!) especially when they are first mixed together. A good way to develop fluency is to practice math fact families, where both operations are combined. But often, this is a large step even for students who have each fact memorized. They will often encountered a math fact with 7 and 2, and be unclear if the answer should be 9 or 5 depending on whether they are in 'addition mode' or 'subtraction mode' at the time.

These missing operation worksheets are a gentle way to overcome this bias when learning addition and subtraction facts in first grade through third grade. Give them a try after the basic math fact worksheets before moving to the mixed addition and subtraction pages.

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