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4x4 Magic Square

These harder 4x4 magic squares are step up from the 3x3 puzzles, but still fairly easy to solve if you have been practicing your addition worksheets. The normal squares with values 1-16 are easy to solve, but the non-normal squares may need your calculator!

Printable Puzzle PDFs with 4x4 Magic Squares

The 4x4 magic square puzzles is solved by finding the values that make the sums all rows, columns and diagonals equal to the same value. The sum is referred to as the magic constant.

The normal variations of these puzzles (in other words, 4x4 puzzles that contain only 1-16 in their cells) have a magic constant of 34 no matter how the numbers are arranged. You’ll find these puzzles are appropriate for grade 3 and grade 4 kids who have an interest in logic puzzles.

The later puzzles in this section are non-normal magic squares, so the sums for those puzzles will be a value larger than 34… Part of the extra challenge of solving these puzzles is determining what the correct sum will be.

Unlike 3x3 magic squares where there is only one basic solution to the puzzle, a 4x4 magic square has exactly 880 distinct normal solutions. The puzzles here are derived from rotations or reflections of these puzzles.