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Roman Numerals: Roman Numeral Worksheets

These Roman numeral worksheets practice translation to and from Roman numerals and Arabic numbers. Sets with small numerals (1 to 10 or I to X) and progressing to larger ranges.

Worksheets with Roman Numerals and Arabic Numerals

Each Roman Numerals Worksheet in this section requires the student to convert a number either from a Roman numeral to an Arabic numeral, or from an Arabic numeral to a Roman numeral.

The worksheets have Roman numerals of different magnitudes, so the first sets of worksheets deal with 1-10 (Roman numeral I through Roman numeral X), the second with 1-20 (Roman numeral I through Roman numeral XX), the third with values through 50 (Roman Numeral L) and the fourth with values through 100 (Roman numeral C). Additional sets of worksheets deal with conversions of Roman numerals corresponding to years, which is a very common application of Roman numerals in modern times.

For more help with Roman numerals, be sure to check out the other great resources on the site including this visual Roman Numeral Converter and these beautiful Roman Numerals Charts.