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Roman Numerals: Roman Numeral Ordering (Random)

These worksheets require students to practice putting a list of Roman numerals in the correct order. The numbers will not be in sequence, so these worksheets will are much more difficult than the ordering problems from the prior practice worksheets.

Worksheets for Ordering Roman Numerals

These worksheets are challenging practice for converting Roman numerals becase they require not just making the correct conversions, but also putting them in order. Unlike the sequenced ordering worksheets in the previous section, the worksheets on this page have Roman numerals that may be quite far apart so they lack the context to be able to just count your way through the numbers to find the correct ordering.

Select a different group of worksheets depending on how large you would like the Roman numerals in each set. The first group of worksheets have sequences in the range of 1-10 (Roman numeral I through Roman numeral X), the second with numerals 1-20 (Roman numeral I through Roman numeral XX), the third with numerals through 50 (Roman Numeral L) and the fourth with numerals through 100 (Roman numeral C). Additional sets of worksheets deal with conversion and ordering of Roman numerals corresponding to years, which is a very common contemporary application of Roman numerals.

For more help with Roman numerals, be sure to check out the other great resources on the site including this visual Roman Numeral Converter and these beautiful Roman Numerals Charts.