Math Worksheets

Ordering Numbers: Mixed Place Value Ordering

This section provides ordering numbers worksheets with sets of positive whole numbers with different numbers place values.

Worksheets to Practice Ordering Sets of Numbers with Different Place Values

Students struggle frequently when numbers become larger than what they can easily visualize. When learning basic arithmetic, we can use finger counting and progress to larger sets of manipulatives, but the symbolic nature of numerals is often a stumbling block for students especially as we deal with three digit, four digit or larger place value numbers. A student should have a well developed sense of place value by the time they reach 5th grade, and they should be capable of ordering not just sets of numbers with the same number of digits, but a collection of numbers with different significant digits. As an example, students should clearly understand that 9,999 is smaller than 10,111 even though all those 9's in the first number might make it seem to be a larger number. The mixed place value ordering worksheets in this section can help with these types of problems.