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Multiplication Grid

Grid problem multiplication worksheets for introducing multiplication and discovering patterns in multiplication problems (Answer keys to these sheets make a great multiplication fact chart!)

Fill In the Multiplication Table

These multiplication grids, in conjunction with a Printable Multiplication Chart are a great way to see the relationships between products of common multiplicands. Students fill in the missing products, either by fact recall or skip counting, and develop a great perspective on how multiplication facts are generated as a series of addition steps to to reach the final answer. Once completed, these sheets can also be used as a hundreds chart or a multiplication reference chart, so they can be a great exercise for the start of a unit lesson on multiplication.

Follow the links below for a complete selection of printable multiplication charts, including blank charts for students to fill in and charts that have proportional products, charts from 1-12, 1-15, 1-30 and even 1-100!

Multiplication Charts

Blank Multiplication Charts