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Customary and Metric: Customary to Metric Length

Unit conversion worksheets for converting customary lengths to metric/SI unit lengths.

Inches to Kilometers, Inches to Meters and other More Complex Conversion Worksheets

These customary to metric conversion worksheets introduce more complex conversions that require muliple steps to find the correct answer. For example, a problem that requires conversion from inches to kilometers will require conversion from inches to centimeters using the 2.54 constant, then centimeters to meters (divide by 100) then meters to kilometers (divide again by 1000). These multi-step conversions require use of several factors and several unit fractions to reach the correct result. The answer keys to these worksheets show each step required for these multi-stage conversions, include the unit cross cancelling. This approach is not just useful for unit conversions, but has applicaitons in physics and chemistry as well, so being exposed to these unit conversion fractions in this context will prepare students for many more complex science practice as well.