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Coordinate Plane: Coordinate Plane Quadrant Labels

These printable coordinate planes have each quadrant labeled in lighter background text in the grid. Confused with all those I, II, II, IV Roman numeral labels? You'll know where they are.

When you think of graph paper, often the first thing that comes to mind is the coordinate plane, graphing equations and the terrors of 7th grade geometry class. If you can't wait to bring back those memories, or perhaps you have a young math student of your own, this is the graph paper page you're looking for. These printable coordinate planes are basically graph paper in the standard metric and customary dimensions with a darken horizontal and vertical axis line, ready and waiting for your linear equations, parabolas and asymptopes. These printable pages are geometry graph paper playgrounds for students of all ages.

If you navigate up, there are several different variations of printable coordinate planes on the previous page, but the 4 quadrant planes on htis page include both x axis and y axis labels as well as labeled quadrants. Keeping track of those four roman numerals and what each quadrant means can be confusing at first especially since they seem to be numbered counter-clockwise, which appears backwards to many students. Still, working a few homework problems with these particular coordinate planes will emphasize what areas of an equation fall in which quadrants.