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Coordinate Plane: Coordinate Plane Quadrant 1

This printable coordinate plane with quadrant 1 only shown is great for introducing graphing equations in 5th grade.

When You Only Want Quadrant 1, These are the Coordinate Plane PDFs You Need!

Many early graphing activities don't require the full 4 quadrant coordinate plane found on most of the other pages in this section of the site. This is especially true for younger students who are just starting to understand how to graph simple function tables and who don't necessarily have fully formed concepts of negative numbers necessary to graph coordinates into qudrants II, III and IV.

Each coordinate plane in this section includes only quadrant I. There are versions in various inch and centimeter dimensioned sizes, which has the effect of giving you greater or smaller ranges on each axis as needed.

There are versions for one problem, two problem, four problem or six problem layouts for working on multiple homework problems as needed.