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8,000 and Counting... Thank You!

8000 Friends - With the new spiral math fact sets I just posted, the site has crossed the milestone of having over 8,000 printable math worksheets. We've talked about a lot of math and a lot of numbers. And some of them aren't all about worksheets. Every school day, over 10,000 unique visitors find math worksheets here at, and there have been almost 9 million unique visitors in the seven years the site has been online. All of this has hopefully helped an even larger number of kids learn math and do better in school. All of you make that possible, and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped share with friends, family and teachers. Please, if you haven't already, consider letting others know about all the great math resources here by following the site on social media (use the buttons below) or adding a link to your blog if you have one. It all helps others find out what's going on here, and it means a lot to me to have earned your support. Thank you again, and happy holidays! Dad