Math Worksheets

Over 3,000 Worksheets and Counting!

After having passed the 2,000 worksheet mark in late September, the site has expanded another 50% to over 3,000 worksheets in less than four months. That's a rate of approximately 250 worksheets a month, or roughly eight new worksheets a day! If the trend continues, that would put us at 4,000 sheets by the end of the school year, which I'm willing to set as a goal, but only because we're technically 101 worksheets ahead coming out of the starting blocks... If you have any requests or ideas for additional worksheets that you think would fit in with the other material here, feel free to post a comment to this post. I'm sure there are lots of great ideas out there and your feedback is appreciated. Meanwhile, I hope you'll share the enthusiasm and pass word about the site to parents or teachers whom you think might appreciate the content here. If you have a blog or a web site, a link helps greatly spread the word. Thanks for your support and see you at 4,000!