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Whew! The site is now fully over on to WordPress and all of the old content has been migrated to posts. The home page for the site now redirects right here, so if things look new (that is to say, if you haven't been reading the blog previous... tsk-tsk!) please have a look around. The RocketMath strategy content has been reworked slightly, and maybe this will generate some interest in those check-off pages I put together a while back. The worksheet accordion navigation below uses MooTools... This came out quite nicely and should be a little easier to negotiate especially as more worksheet categories come online. Eventually I'd like to get this into the worksheet sub-pages as well, but for now those pages still use the older CSS pop-up navigation. There is some fancy cross-linking between the actual math worksheet pages and all of the landing pages have been redirected to appropriate posts. If anything winds up broken, please post a comment here. Otherwise I hope you enjoy the new look... Back to some actual content for me!